What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

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There’s hardly a day where the sun isn’t out in St. Pete, hence it being dubbed the Sunshine City. With the exception of like three days, the St. Pete sun tends to be on the warm side. That means nearly every day is pretty much a beach day. I spent most of my life in the NorCal valley, so taking advantage of the pristine sand and gorgeous beaches is a must.

Here are some tips I use when packing for a beach day in St. Pete!

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is an absolute must when going to the beach, or anywhere in St. Pete really. Sun Bum’s misting sunscreen is my absolute fave. I like that I can reapply with a mist rather than getting my hands greasy. I also make sure to carry a pair of sunglasses for my eyes and lip balm to keep my lips moisturized and protected as well.


I’m absolutely in love with these Turkish beach towels and think they’re some of the greatest things since sliced bread. I was a bit hesitant because they’re a newer product and figured they’d fail to deliver on their promises, but boy was I wrong. They don’t trap sand, dry fairly quickly, and they’re lightweight so I can carry them in a bag or tote. Love ’em.

Beach Blankets

I’m 5’11 and often like to lay on the beach, so I always opt for beach blankets that are on the large side. Bersuse’s cotton throw blankets, like the towels I just recommended, are 100% cotton and perfect for the beach.

Beach tote

Carrying a large beach tote with plenty of space is a must for me. I put pretty much everything in my tote from towels, my wallet, keys, glasses case and cleaner, snorkel and mask, books, portable speaker, you name it.


Many would recommend beach umbrellas, but the weather down here is unpredictable and can get wild at a moment’s notice. They’ll work if you’re here for a weekend or plan on spending just a few hours in the sun. If you’re local or a frequent beach-goer, a sturdy 9-foot patio umbrella with PVC pipe works wonders. It provides plenty of shade, holds up in the wind, and we can take refuge and stay dry underneath during the brief rains and thunderstorms that creep up on us.

Beach Chairs

It’s imperative to have a solid and comfortable beach chair. Tommy Bahama beach chairs are a popular choice and for good reason. The brand makes amazing beach chairs that fully recline, are durable, and nice to sit on even for long periods of time. It’s considered a higher end chair and comes with plenty of features, including a backpack carry option and spacious cooler pouches for drinks.

Packed Cooler

Going to the beach is usually an all-day session, so I like packing a large cooler with plenty of food and ice cold drinks. I opt for larger coolers like RTIC with space and solid insulation because they’re great at the beach as well as parties, fishing trips, etc. For a simple lightweight option, try this convenient cooler tote that’s comfortable with an insulated side for food and drinks and a mesh compartment to keep personal belongings safe.

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What to pack for a day at the beach | beach day packing tips | beach packing guide | Florida beach tips

What to pack for a day at the beach | beach day packing tips | beach packing guide | Florida beach tips

What to pack for a day at the beach | beach day packing tips | beach packing guide | Florida beach tips

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