Blogging Services

blogging services

i’m currently offering premium blogging services and customized packages to businesses, brands, and influencers in the lifestyle and cannabis spaces.


A consistent blogging effort on your brand’s website can do which of the following for your business?

A. Boost traffic to your website.

B. Increase your number of leads and/or sales.

C. Save you money in marketing.

Did you guess D, all of the above? Because if you did, you’re correct (you smart cookie, you)!

Blog posts and articles are one of the best ways to hook your target audience and boost your brand.

Businesses and brands that post blog articles regularly will not only spend less in advertising and marketing (60% less in some cases), but they’ll see up to eight times more traffic than their competitors.

Informative and entertaining content can help readers build trust with your brand, further solidifying you as an expert and thought leader in your space.

For the past two years, I have created high-quality and informative blog posts here on Bonnibelle Chukwuneta blog and have contributed numerous articles and worked with various brands and businesses.

Do you need creative, authentic travel content for your website or blog that can keep Gen Y and Z engaged? Fill out the form below and find out why I’m the one to do it for you!

a high – end blogging experience

topic brainstorm

The first step is brainstorming article ideas for your blog. After getting to know your brand and blogging goals, we’ll come up with topics suitable for your business needs.

content planning

From our brainstorm session, I will craft a blog content strategy for your website including the number of posts per month, how often articles are going to be posted, when to expect content.

time to blog

This is where I go full “word nerd”. I get busy writing, finalizing headlines, and making optimizations for SEO while you focus on taking your business to the next level.

proofread + edits

I take extreme pride in professionalism and the high quality of my work. All content is edited with expert grammar tools to ensure accurate, error-free articles for your website.

handoff + publish!

Each article comes with one (1) round of revision to ensure that you’re happy with the final product. Once you’re satisfied with the articles, they’re yours to publish and promote!

done – for – you blogging services

Single Article


  • one blog post of your desired length
  • SEO – optimization (meta tags, keywords, alt text)
  • Licensed, high – quality images and/or rich media where applicable



  • two (2) long – form (1200+ words) blog posts OR four (4) short – form (600 – 800 words) blog posts per month
  • SEO – optimization (meta tags, keywords, alt text)
  • Licensed, high – quality images and/or rich media where applicable
  • Monthly blog strategy session

most popular



  • four (4) long – form (1200+ words) blog posts OR eight (8) short – form (600 – 800 words) blog posts per month
  • SEO – optimization (meta tags, keywords, alt text)
  • Licensed, high – quality images and/or rich media where applicable
  • Monthly blog strategy session
  • Social copy for each blog post (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest)

Book a 15-minute virtual coffee session with me below or email me at so you can tell me more about your business and what exactly it is that you’re looking for, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Need help? Start here!

is there a number of months required to sign on for a monthly package?

No. You can purchase single blog articles and I’m available for shorter projects as well. Do note that I recommend at least a three (3) month working relationship to begin seeing tangible results from blogging efforts.

how long will the blog articles be?

The ideal length for blog posts these days is long-form content that’s ~1,500 – 1,600 words per article and I’ve found that to be the sweet spot for getting blogs to rank and providing value without losing readers. While it’s my preference, every blog and business has its own unique needs, so if shorter or even longer content is required, then that’s what we’ll do.

are you available for full-time work or employment?

As of now, I’m only available for blogging in an independent contractor (freelance) capacity.

which topics are you able to write on?

I specialize in creating blog content for the following verticals:

  • Cannabis (dispenaries and products/brands)
  • Lifestyle (clean + sustainable living)
  • Travel (adventure, solo, digital nomadism)
  • Wellness (self-care, holistic, meditation)

Please contact me if you have something else in mind; I’m always open to new ideas and possibilities!

do you offer sample articles?

Certainly! You’re more than welcome to sign on for a single blog article to gauge tone and work fit before signing on for a monthly or long-term deal.

what if the options above don’t fit my needs?

We can create a unique blogging package suitable to your business. Schedule a call with me so we can strategize and craft a custom plan for your website today.