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  • 9 Caribbean Countries Reopening For Travel This Summer

    9 Caribbean Destinations Reopening For Travel This Summer

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta June 9, 2020

    Saturday, June 20, is the summer solstice and the start of the new season. A lot of us have been cramped indoors, suffering from cabin fever, baking banana bread for days, talking to plants, and, of course, rewatching our favorite destination movies to cure the travel bug. Thankfully, you’re not the only one eager to get your travel back on. Many Caribbean Islands have been proactive in the fight against…

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  • Calgary + Banff, Alberta, Canada | The Ultimate Travel Guide | Millennial Lifestyle By Design | Bonnibelle Chukwuneta

    Calgary + Banff, Alberta, Canada | The Ultimate Travel Guide

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta January 27, 2020

    There are a plethora of reasons to visit Calgary in Alberta Province. Maybe you’re visiting for a business trip; there are tons of skyscrapers and corporate offices in Downtown Calgary. Or perhaps you’re in town for leisure. Calgary is an adventure traveler’s haven with its amazing skiing, rafting, and hiking spots. Whatever the reason, you’re sure to have a fun-filled time in a buzzing western-esque metropolitan like Calgary. Canada, in…

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  • A Kayak Fishing Adventure In Stuart, Florida

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta May 13, 2019

    #latepost I rang in the new year by heading east to Stuart, Florida for a weekend full of kayaking, fishing, and relaxation on the St. Lucie River. It was a spur of the moment thing and super last minute. I was lucky to book the kind of amazing deal I did considering it was in the middle of the holiday season and the reservations were made within 48 hours of…

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  • 12 St. Pete Day Trips You Need To Take

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta May 6, 2019

    One of the best things about living in St. Pete are the amazing day trips you can take to nearby cities and attractions. Considering that I love getting the most out of my travels without breaking my wallet, I love taking quick day trips and discovering something that’s new to me and not too far. Be it exploring new beach communities, immersing myself in city life, or making the drive…

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  • Noisette Rosé – A Sip of Sweetness & Family History

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta April 19, 2019

    I recently attended the launch party for the Noisette Rosé, a new wine offering from Mermosa Winery & Boutique. It was a fun local event that took place downtown at the boutique. It was a festive evening and with stunning views of the bay in the back of course. However, it was also a learning experience and celebration of history. Desiree Noisette is the founder of the boutique and also…

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  • Things I Must Do When Visiting Sacramento

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta March 11, 2019

    I go back to visit Sacramento this week and I’m stoked like never before! It’s been agonizing 10 months since I last saw my family, which is the longest I’ve gone without seeing them. It’ll also be my longest trip back… a whopping 13 days! So, I get to properly enjoy the presence of my family, catch up with friends, and check out what’s new in the City of Trees.…

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  • 4 St. Pete Restaurants Featured on Triple D

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta March 4, 2019

    Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, or “Triple D” as it’s popularly known, has become somewhat of a national cult classic of a show. I mean, who hasn’t seen an episode of Triple D at this point? His spiky blonde hair, authentic interactions with locals, and unique style of featuring hometown favorites are familiar to many. For over a decade, Triple D has influenced people all over the world…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to St. Pete’s Saturday Morning Market

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta December 24, 2018

    St. Pete’s Saturday Morning Market is an event you can’t miss as it’s one of the best experiences one can have in the area in my opinion. The market is a display of local culture at its finest and has a mission of being the heart of The Burg. It’s exactly that and more. You won’t find another weekly event where locals and visitors meet and create such a great…

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  • Sunken Gardens – St. Pete’s Tropical Oasis

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta December 17, 2018

    Sunken Gardens is considered a hidden gem by locals and visitors alike, but it’s hardly hidden at all. Situated off of busy 4th Street N with a huge, retro sign on the sidewalk, it’s one of those attractions that’s nearby and driven past all the time, at least by me. Curiosity finally got this fast-paced millennial to slow down, pull over, and explore. I recently had a self-care day and…

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  • Daytona Beach Shores: My Oceanfront Getaway

    Bonnibelle Chukwuneta December 10, 2018

    Weekend Getaway: Daytona Beach Shores Over the summer, bf and I headed east for some time away from workplace stress. Where to? Daytona Beach Shores. It served us up a healthy dose of some much-needed R & R and crashing ocean waves. Daytona Beach Shores is a small, 5.5-mile long, beach town on a barrier island immediately south of Daytona Beach and roughly 8-minutes from the famous Daytona Beach Boardwalk.…

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