Circumvention educational message

I led content design efforts alongside Upwork’s Trust, Safety, & Social Impact team to create educational in-product messaging to help reduce circumvention attempts and fraudulent activity on the platform.

Project overview

Circumvention puts customers at risk of fraud and scams, robs Upwork of revenue, removes opportunities from other good users, and undermines our reputation system [which depends on feedback].


Trust, Safety, & Social Impact team; Schwa content agency


Content Designer


Google Docs, Figma, Miro


6 months


Customers circumvent due to a lack of understanding of how Upwork functions, the rules against circumvention, and the absence of consequences for circumvention.


Prohibit circumvention behaviors and educate customers in product to reduce the occurrence of circumvention and the harm it causes.

What I did

– Collaborated with Schwa to create conversational messages to consider

– Attended research interviews and readouts to iterate messaging

– Refined content post-launch

Early design version
Final design