Currency UI and localization

I joined Upwork’s International Expansion project to help craft and localize content for its United Kingdom market.

We created a popover letting folks know they can change their currency if they want to.

Project overview
Upwork is launching into international markets Our objective was to focus on an English-speaking audience to help identify risks before scaling into non-English markets.

My role
Content designer

Visual designer, developers, product team, legal

VP of Design, executive leadership


Craft copy that empowers users during an extraordinary connected fitness experience, and gather data for possible future iterations.

Describe SmartAdjust and ActivePulse features and how the user can enable or disable them in simple, human-centered language.

What I did
– Developed new copy for testing, clarity, and tone of voice

– Collaborated with creative team to change feature name from Adaptive Training to SmartAdjust™

– Leaned on existing research and reviews from beta testing to identify common language

– Iteration and refinement of UX content to align with user and business goals