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21 thoughtful Galentine’s Day gifts to get your BFF


Last updated February 23, 2024.

Does Valentine’s Day have you feeling some type of way? Are your consciously coupled friends clogging your feed with photos of romantic dinner dates, nice gifts, and heart hands?

It’s easy to think that February is the month of love for couples but fret not, for there’s a day for us, the self-partnered, to do some celebrating of our own.

You and your BFFs have experienced it all. First jobs, bad breakups, crazy girl trips, you name it. While every day is a good day to celebrate your lady friends, there’s no better day to go all out than on Galentine’s Day.

Celebrated on February 13, the day before its famous cousin, Galentine’s Day is a day to cherish your friends and show how much you appreciate them.

With the pandemic continuing to rage on, hosting a besties party or brunch date is ill-advised, so we decided to create a Galentine’s Day gift guide to inspire a gift exchange and shared moments virtually. From cozy robes and blankets to plant centerpieces and self-care must-haves, you’re bound to find the perfect gift to spoil your BFF. And, who knows, you might find something for yourself, too.

Here are some thoughtful Galentine’s Day gifts that are the perfect way to show your unbiological sister how grateful you are for the journey and what’s to come.

21 thoughtful Galentine’s Day gifts to get your BFF

1. You’re My Person coffee mug

21 Thoughtful Galentine's Day gifts to get your BFF - You're My Person coffee mug

Know a caffeine addict or tea afficionada? We like this mug because there are different skin tones, hair types, and hand accessories to personalize this for you and your bestie. We say go with the money in hand. #claimitsis

2. A succulent centerpiece

Galentine's Day gift guide - succulent piece

Flowers are cool, but instead of going with the clichéd rose, get your Galentine this succulent in a dramatic ceramic centerpiece that’s bound to turn heads.

3. Chunky knit blanket

Galentine's Day gift guide - chunky knit blanket

We love the super comfy knit blankets and throws on Etsy. This one’s made of soft chenille yarn and perfect for snuggling.

4. Galentine’s Day wine glass

Galentine's Day gift guide - wine glass

Cute, stemless wine glass with the perfect message to match the Galentine’s Day mood—Samantha Jones would approve.

5. Galentine’s Gang necklace

Galentine's Day gift guide - Galentine's Gang necklace

Spoil your bestie with jewelry. This necklace has a compass for design and is sure to bring you closer together, no matter the distance.

6. Single era hoodie

Galentine's Day gift guide - single era hoodie

Your favorite gal pal will appreciate this hoodie to capture her solo moment. It’s available in 10 different colors, so you’re sure to find a style that she loves.

7. Custom face socks

Show your bestie how much you care and get in some major laughs with socks that have your face all over them.

8. Long-distance friendship frame

Galentine's Day gift guide - long-distance frame

This handmade frame is as close to perfect as a gift gets if you have a BFF who’s across the country. Don’t forget to add a personalized caption.

9. Galentine’s Day candles

Galentine's Day gift guide - galentine candles

There’s no such thing as having too many candles in our book. These galentine candles come in a set, making them perfect for a party or sending to your friends near and far.

10. Self-care journal

Galentine's Day gift guide - Let that shit go journal

All of us have either been through that journey to self-discovery (and still go through it) or have a girlfriend who is. Gifting her the Let That Sh*t Go journal can help affirm to your BFF that she has always been more than enough and it’s okay to let go.

11. buttah skincare kit

Galentine's Day gift guide - buttah skin-transforming kit

If your lady friend is a former frequent visitor to the spa, we feel her pain. Opt for this customizable skin kit that’s bound to give her that smooth skin and glowy look and feel she’s been missing.

12. A gift box or care package

Galentine's Day gift guide - gift box care package

Gift boxes are clutch when you’re short on time or ideas on what to get your bestie (it happens!). GiftBoxLoveCo’s package comes with a natural candle, a box of matches, and a restorative body butter… oh la la.

13. Mantra bracelets

Galentine's Day gift guide - mantra bracelets

Help your gal pal stay motivated and in her zone throughout the day with these cute, minimalist bracelets with mantras and affirmations.

14. Sleep mask

Sleep mask

No one turns down the chance to rest. Gift your galentine some sleep. These sleep masks are everything and have space for your eyes so they’re not sore in the morning.

15. Plush robe

Galentine's Day gift guide - plush robe

Drape your BFF in luxury. This Brooklinen robe is made of combed Turkish cotton and promises comfort as if you’re at the spa.

16. More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth

Galentine's Day gift guide - More Than Enough

Every day is a good day to advocate for women’s empowerment. This book is the ultimate coming-of-age title for today’s millennial woman. Gift it to your friend, or snag a copy for yourself. Either way. Worth. It.

17. Custom luggage tags

As we wait for travel restrictions to ease, there’s no harm in dreaming and planning. If you’re due for a girl’s trip, you’ll love these luggage tags. It’s a great way to commemorate your first post-panny trip.

18. She is t-shirt

Galentine's Day gift guide - She Is tee

For the fierce, confident, and brave warrior you’re lucky to call a friend.

19. Galentine’s Day card book

Handwritten cards, drawings, and crafts leave a unique touch on the receiver. For that extra bit of sentiment, go with this card book where you can draw Galentine’s Day cards and send them to your lady friends personally.

20. Sex and the City Galentine’s Day card

Not much for drawing? No problem. This card is just in time with the announcement of the return of the cult classic show.

21. Bad Bitch Energy affirmation jar

Galentine's Day gift guide - affirmation jar

We think everyone needs this affirmation jar, but your galentine will be super appreciative. It comes with 100 affirmations so she can be her best self—even on the tough days.

Hopefully, these Galentine’s Day gifts inspire a day of love and happiness with your gal pals! Share below how you plan on celebrating your lady friends this year!

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Galentine's Day gift guide | 21 ideas to show your BFF some love

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