iFIT voice and tone updates

Here are some UX projects I’ve worked on at iFIT.

Onboarding modal language

I updated the UX copy in iFIT’s onboarding flow to improve clarity and ease of use for customers on the free membership tier.

Project overview
iFIT users getting set up with their equipment for the first time need an iFIT account to access the exclusive library. Upon logging in or creating an account, they’re taken to a payment page where they can add their card details to activate a free subscription.

Users wanting to exit the payment page are taken to a confusing “Deactivate your membership” page.

Write copy in clear and simple language that explains the situation and seamlessly guides the user from one point to the next.

What I did
– Met with designers and product and project managers to discuss goals and get a better contextual understanding

– Created new headlines and CTA’s to reflect brand standards

– Worked directly in Figma, editing existing text to provide clarity and tone of voice

Team: Platform

Inviting additional users to an iFit subscription

Language for inviting additional people to iFIT was confusing. While this was a copy request, it was an opportunity to create some differentiation in the way we presented our CTAs. The first option spoke directly to the acceptance criteria product owners wanted. Option 3 was designed for humans, and the humans on my team loved it. So, that’s what we went with.