10 Job Sites To Help You Land Your Dream Remote Job In 2020

10 job sites to help you land your dream remote job


Last updated January 3, 2022.

It’s 2020 and the remote job and digital nomadism trends don’t seem to be slowing down. It probably won’t for a while, too. Lifestyles are becoming more flexible and companies and businesses are adapting thankfully.

There are a plethora of reasons one may want to work remotely.

  • New or single parents may want to stay home with children.
  • Traveling is your thing and you want to do more of it while taking your work with you.
  • Morning commutes are an absolute pain in the butt and a good enough reason alone to opt for the laptop life.

Whatever the case may be, more and more people want to work from home. But how?

Applying for remote work actually isn’t all that different from applying for an in-office job. Apart from highlighting certain hard skills the position may require and desirable soft skills like communication and empathy, you still need a resume that stands out and is tailor-made for the role and company that you’re applying to. With that being said, there are some job boards that are specifically made for finding remote work and will give you a leg up in your search.

If your goal is to work remotely in 2020, then you definitely need to check out these websites. Here are 10 job boards that’ll help you land your dream remote job this year.

10 Job Sites To Help You Land Your Dream Remote Job In 2020

10 Job Sites To Help You Land Your Dream Remote Job In 2020 | Bonnibelle Chukwuneta


FlexJobs is one of the most highly recommended job sites when it comes to finding not just remote work but flexible work like part-time jobs and freelance opportunities, and for good reason. It’s the largest site for curated remote and flexible jobs. There’s a huge caveat with FlexJobs though; you have to pay for it. So, if money’s tight and you need a job ASAP, it’s not going to be my first recommendation because there are plenty of free options for you to find a remote job. However, if you want an ad-free job site, no scams or illegitimate listings, and access to the largest resource of flexible jobs online, FlexJobs may be the one for you.


Upwork is “old reliable” when it comes to finding remote work or gigs, especially if you’re a newish freelancer. It gets a lot of flack because it’s littered with low-paying jobs ($5 for a 2,000-word article… seriously?), but the truth is that with some effort and diligence, one can find clients that can not only pay better rates but provide steady work. The keys to success on Upwork include having a professional profile and photo, learning how to stand out when pitching to potential clients, and niching down. Upwork’s actually where I landed my first client when I started freelancing in HR and I still use it to find writing work today.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is one of the most popular remote job boards and one of the first on the scene. It’s been around since 2011 and boasts of having 10,500 remote jobs posted ever since and have job seekers from 99% of the world’s countries; pretty impressive. WWR is easy to navigate with jobs listed by category, from Programming to Copywriting to Business Management.


NODESK is a collection of curated resources for digital nomads, traveling employees, and those looking for remote work. I highly recommend it if you’re wanting to find information on remote work and the nomadic lifestyle all in one place. NODESK has a number of job categories, too, including Customer Support, Operations, and non-tech jobs. Make sure to check out their blog section for articles on travel, life, and work if you want different perspectives on what it’s like to go the way of no desk.

10 Job Sites To Help You Land Your Dream Remote Job In 2020


The great thing about Jobspresso is that they have a team of experts behind the scenes making sure that each job posting is legitimate. These are quality job listings and they’re updated pretty regularly to ensure that the listings on their site are open and accurate. Highly recommend checking this one on the regular.

Angel List

As a follower of entrepreneurship, Angel List is one of my favorite job sites to recommend. They’re the world’s largest startup community and a great place to explore fast-growing companies. If you don’t live near a tech hub or you’ve always wanted to work for a startup, Angel List is where you want to be. It’s a free site, but you’ll need an account to see jobs. Sign up and type “remote” for location.

Let’s Work Remotely

Let’s Work Remotely offers a clean site that’s super easy to use. It’s not as popular as some of the other job boards already listed but is definitely one you should check out. Along with being able to search remote jobs by category, they have filters for part-time, full-time, and contract work so you can get really narrow with your search if you want and hopefully find what you’re looking for. They’ve also got a pretty large Facebook group that’s a great resource if you want more info on digital nomadism and job posts from working professionals and travelers themselves.


Workew is another job site that posts new remote jobs on the daily. They sort by category too and are used by several startups and big companies including WordPress, Remote Year, and Wikipedia. Workew even has remote jobs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries with a website dedicated to those jobs alone; Blockew. They also have a Facebook group you can join where jobs are posted as well.

10 Job Sites To Help You Land Your Dream Remote Job In 2020

Working Nomads

Working Nomads sends curated job listings straight to your inbox. All you do is sign up on their website, select the job categories you’re interested in (there are 15 categories to choose from including Customer Success, Design, and Health Care), and the frequency of emails to your inbox; you can choose from either daily or weekly). If emails aren’t your thing, their website is pretty easy to navigate and user-friendly with their color-coded posts.


I do have to mention a solid job site for my fellow bloggers! ProBlogger is best for those looking for a remote writing or editing job. The site has full-time remote copywriting jobs as well as part-time and contract work available. I like ProBlogger because the site’s updated fairly regularly and since they’re strictly blogging or writing jobs, you’re likely to find something you can apply for. If you’re ready to look for remote writing work, I’d recommend having 2-3 writing samples ready as some companies and blogs require them.

Honorable Mention: Traditional Job Boards (Glassdoor, Indeed, Craigslist, etc.)

I have to give traditional job boards a mention because that’s how I found my first remote job (Indeed). Glassdoor, Indeed, and even Craigslist are good resources when it comes to finding remote work. While there are a number of jobs available, I feel that these sites have more competition (not necessarily qualified competition, but your application is still 1 of 277) so getting a response back isn’t as likely as say Upwork or some of the others mentioned above. It’s still a good idea to check these boards from time to time or sign up for job alerts to go straight to your inbox.

Find Your Dream Remote Job In 2020

10 Job Sites To Help You Land Your Dream Job In 2020

Remote work is the present, not the future. As someone who’s been working 100% remotely for going on two years now, it would be extremely difficult for me to go back to an office. The thought of it actually motivates me to continue to grow my blogging business so that that doesn’t happen.

Working remotely offers unparalleled freedom and independence in my opinion, and that’s why so many are seeking the remote option. It allows busy parents the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on daycare and stay at home with young kids. It affords single millennials like me the chance to make money while exploring the world and taking in new sights. Not to mention the time, money, and carbon footprint that’s saved by not having to make the dreaded daily commute.

There’s no better time to look for remote work and land your dream job like now. If you’ve always wanted to live the laptop-in-a-swank-cafe life or, like most of us, work from home in your pajamas, then start exploring the job boards above. I speak from experience when I say that working remotely may be the most rewarding and productive work you ever do.

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